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Hello Sleep

I made the executive decision yesterday to put Jessie back on the Pamelor.  After another sleepless night and the knowledge that I will be lucky if I can talk to a doctor by Tuesday, I called the pharmacist to get advise.  He said, go ahead and put her on the full dose. YAY!  She wasn’t happy about it, but I told her at least this pill is small!  (And we are talking about a SMART teenager here.  The logic is just out the window.)  Anyway, she got two doses yesterday and I gave her a little melatonin last night as falling asleep is the problem.  I asked how long it will be before we see the effect of the pills and dear pharmacist advised that two or three days should do it; she may even see some effect after a couple of doses.  YAY again.  

This weekend has been rainy.  I have been as lazy as a slug, maybe worse.  I’ve been cleaning out my magazine collection (wink wink) and doing laundry.  Yep, quite slug-like.  I didn’t even have it in me to feel guilty when the guys came in from this duathlon.  Jeff has a terrible cold and he had to park cars, then marshall somewhere on the course in the pouring rain. Wes had to ride the sloppy, muddy course before the race began to make sure everything was still in place. (I will add here that this is actually fun to a 19 year old.)

Jessie had a new book to read this weekend, so I didn’t see her very much.  Looks like today will be more of the same.  First day is fun, after that it gets old.  

Sorry.  In all of my sluggishness, I should have come up with a wonderfully interesting blog post for today.  Alas, when the body is a slug, so is the mind.  My thought for the day.

Have a nice, quiet Sunday.


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Rainy Weekend

Apparently we should be preparing an ark or something this weekend according to the weather reports.  As I am not a “singing in the rain” kind of person, I shall remain inside with my warm coffee and laundry.

Yesterday was indeed a pretty decent day.  Jessie was able to meet with the tutor and completed two tests.  She hasn’t been able to do two tests in a row in a long time.  Then she made oatmeal cookies (after I’d gone to bed).  I came close to having an oatmeal cookie for breakfast this morning, but resisted.  I’ll see if I can track down that recipe and add it later. 

My son’s best buddy from Virginia came in for a visit this weekend, so they’re happy little clams.

The doctors office called me yesterday afternoon to report that they had received all of the information that they needed and will, hopefully, get the forms for school completed early next week.  Yeah.

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