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A Very Important Day

Why is it an important day?  I’ll tell you.  Jessie gets her braces off today, YEAH!  Now I may be entirely wrong, but even with the possibility of a headache, muscle-aches, etc., a girl’s gotta feel good about getting the “bane of her existence for the past 2+ years” removed from her mouth!  Our appointment is at 10:20. I shall take pictures to commemorate the event.  

For an update: 

We didn’t see the tutor yesterday because Jes never felt any better.  It was a crappy day in general.  The frustrating thing right now is that nothing is really being done to alleviate the headaches.  I guess hypotension takes precedence?  

I hate all of this WAITING.  We have to wait to see the doctor in North Carolina; then wait to see the cardiologist.  Then we wait to hear results of tests.  We wait to see what happens when they start her out on the lowest dose of a medicine that may not even work once we’ve waited to see if the higher dose works.  We wait to see if the next new medication works.  Then, this is a biggee, we call the doctor and have to WAIT all day by the phone to get a reply so that they can tell us to WAIT.  Why can’t it be like strep or some simple infection?  Why can’t they just figure out what’s going on and give her something to make her feel normal again so that she can get on with her life?  Oh yeah, they’re not God.  Okay, breathe.  I’ve had my rant for this morning.  Three steps forward, two steps back, but we are moving forward, right? 

I’m also still in the midst of getting doctor’s letters coordinated and to the school so that Jessie’s status can be changed to full-time homebound.  Why can’t doctors just drop everything when you call and write the freaking letter and fax it to the freaking school already?  Oh yeah, right,  they’re not God. 

Today is going to be a good day.  I can feel it.


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