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Add MORE Salt?

For the majority of us, watching our salt intake is something we know that we should do.  In recent years, I’ve added that to my list of things to check out at the grocery store when shopping for the family.  In fact, one day recently, Jessie and I were on the frozen food isle when she pulled out a Hungry Man Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes dinner. (This was one of her favorites when she was really little, dad was out of town, and mom let them pick out a frozen meal for dinner.  Am I the only one guilty of that?)  The girl nearly tackled and whipped me for abusing my children with a frozen dinner which has around 2869 mg of sodium!  Double ouch.

Fast forward to the present and, of all things, Jessie is told to consume more salt.  Aside from the thought of eating a Hungry Man dinner every night (which is truly gross, by the way),  I really had no idea how tough this feat is to accomplish while keeping the remainder of the family on your typical “low-salt” diet.  Right now I’m buying tons of Power Ade and setting the salt shaker at Jessie’s end of the table.  I considered salt tablets which, by the way, are so unpopular that you have to purchase them online, but the cardiologist said no.  As I said in an earlier post, Jeff, my brilliant husband, and Wes suggested heading out to the nearest farm store for a large block of salt to put out back, or maybe beside Jessie’s bed, so that she can lean over and give it a lick every once in awhile.  Needless to say, this didn’t go over very well.

Getting back to the diet, Jessie hates dill pickles and can’t eat most of the other things on the list because they contain gluten.  So our search continues.  I will step off of my soapbox now as it’s time to salt the potatoes, broccoli, and chicken for dinner.

Any suggestions?


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Monday Morning

Monday, the start of a new week.  This week our part of Georgia is celebrating spring break.  Jessie isn’t going to school right now anyway, but I’m thinking that the tutor is on vacation and therefore, so are we!  

Jessie’s headaches were pretty relentless last week and, as always, I’m hopeful that today will find some relief.  We shall see.  Everyone sleeps in except mom and dad this week.  So this is my quiet time.  

Last week we were told to add TONS of supplements to the daily medicine intake, so Jes is now taking, twice a day, Lyrica, Pamelor, multivitamin, coQ10, fish oil, calcium, magnesium, b12, and b2 (which I haven’t found yet).  She adds in Fioricet as needed for headaches.  Jessie actually took a picture of her pile of medicine for Facebook, I think.  

She was also given orders to consume more salt and water and to lie down for 10 minutes every hour.  This is a result of the orthostatic intolerance.  Now as an aside, tell me if you disagree, please.  Okay, first here’s the list of suggested higher sodium foods:  noodles, potatoes, parmesan cheese, dill pickles, tv dinners, sweet & sour pork, lasagna, soup, fish & chips, hamburger, hot dog, fried chicken, pizza, pretzels, soy sauce, olives, and salted nuts.  Gimme a break.  I told Jessie that if a doctor told me to eat more foods like that and lie down for at least 10 minutes every hour, I’d say, “sign me up!”  Realistically, we know that if she ate that way every day (in a gluten-free way) she would gain 50 pounds quickly – not wise.  So we will continue our search today for salt tablets.  Whole foods and Walmart, here we come.  One more thing.  When my husband and son learned that she needed salt, they volunteered to head out to the nearest farm store and pick up a salt block so that Jessie could go out in the back yard and lick it from time to time.

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