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Sometimes Life Really Sucks, But That’s Not The Point


If you’re reading this and you’re not particularly religious, then I’m sorry if I offend.  However, I am religious and I gain most if not all of my strength from my faith.

Yesterday morning I was having somewhat of a pity party because of stupid migraines and Jessie’s attachment to them.  I decided to take the old treadmill for a walk, listen to a sermon on my ipod (sick, I know) and try to calm down.  It’s funny how the sermon always seems to match whatever worries I’m having at the moment.

Long story short, I learned about the importance of being “fishers of men” and that no matter how insignificant we think we are and how crappy our luck is, we are all given that one important job in life.  We’re set upon a path which, IF our hearts are willing and open, will help others – sometimes even without our knowledge.  The lecturer went on to say that most often, it’s not a pastor who leads someone else in faith because people expect to hear the lecture from a church leader.  It’s the people who have made it though terrible situations who will inspire others.

I’m done trying to figure out WHY Jessie was given this lot right now, but it sure is comforting knowing that the way she’s handled her situation could be an inspiration to others, maybe even strengthening their faith in the process.

Isn’t that a cool thought?  It’s a small thought, but all the same, pretty cool.

So, what’s the point?  For me, the point is to not constantly curse a crappy situation (although I’m sure I’ll do it from time to time), to make it my goal to stay focused on the positive, inject humor whenever possible (although not today), and pray.    🙂

What do you do to pull yourself up?


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School, Homebound, Online. What to do?

Jessie approached me yesterday about pulling out and finishing the year as a homeschooler.  We just had to make the decision to go full-time homebound from intermittent.  The fact is, she simply hasn’t felt well enough to even go to school part time lately.  As a result, she was in danger of compromising the rules of being classified as a homebound student.  Therefore, we needed to change her classification.

I’m surprised that she is asking about homeschooling.  Not that she’s against it or anything.  Homeschool is not new to us.  I homeschooled both kids for a few years in their elementary years.  Our son, Wes, continued and will be finished this spring.  Jessie had a desire go go back in the 5th grade. 

Luckily for everyone involved, Jessie is a good student and has maintained good grades.  But you feel like a little mouse running on one of those wheels constantly trying to catch up.  The situation she’s been in since October is not easy, to say the least.  At the end of the first semester, Jessie had to take incompletes in about 4-5 subjects with 15 days allowed to finish.  If you don’t finish, you get an “F” for the assignment or exam.  That particular week her head was hurting so badly that she really needed to go to the ER.  She had to hold off because if she did go, the medicine would have put her out for a couple of days and she simply didn’t have that much time to finish exams.  The decision to bear the brunt of the headaches so that she could complete the semester was hers.  I watched her, worried, and wanted to take the burden, even tough I couldn’t.  Long story short, it was very stressful and difficult.  It seems as if every semester is the same, trying to catch up.

On the other hand, if she can just hang in there for 3 1/2 more months, she’ll be done.  Not to mention the fact that I don’t even know where to begin looking into getting credit for only one semester of classes with distance learning.  And there is always the hope that she will begin to feel better within the next month and be able to return to school.  

I guess this is just something I will have to look into next week.  Realistically, she will probably have to stick it out with school.  But if there is any way to relieve the added burden…


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Yesterday was not too bad.  I thought Jessie was doing fairly well.  She did her stretches and then we went to the grocery store (one of her favorite places, oddly).  Last night, however,  she reported that she’d felt really “off” all day and went for the herb pack, which is something we keep in the freezer that Jessie uses for bad headaches.  She turned down her headache medicine though with hope that it may just pass by morning.  

I just tried to get her up, so we’ll see what the day holds.  She isn’t going to school at the moment, but we try to get her to attend church with us if she’s able since it’s usually just for one hour.  I sure hope it’s a good day.

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A Decent Start

We had a pretty good start to our week.  The headaches weren’t too bad, so yesterday we went to Harry’s Whole Foods (oh my gosh!) and found the coveted gluten-free oats we’d been searching for since our regular grocer quit stocking it.  We also found a cornucopia of gluten-free foods!  It was pretty tough to contain the excitement, but we left with, of course, the oats, our favorite corn pasta in fun shapes, gluten-free “oreos”, vitamin b2 (YES), and hmmm…I think that’s it.  Then we stopped at American Eagle to pick up a pair of sandals I’d promised Jessie on her 16th birthday in January.  What can I say, I’m slack.  After that, Jessie was pooped, so we went home.  As we say, she used up all of her spoons for the day and needed to rest.  All in all, Monday was a pretty decent day.  

Jessie said that she’s been shaking a bit for the past couple of days.  I’m wondering if it’s because we’ve added the supplements.  I’ll have to call the doctor today if she wakes up with the same complaint.  

The echocardiogram is tomorrow morning.  That one is hanging over me.  I know that heart murmurs are usually nothing, so let’s just keep praying that it’ll be nothing.

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