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Why Can’t We Get Instant Relief?

The Culprit

The Culprit

My husband made an interesting comment this morning.  He said, “We go to this fancy doctor and pay tons of money.  Why isn’t she feeling better?”   Oh, if only.

Jessie continues to have the headaches and feel pretty lousy in general.  Yesterday was just a so-so day.  If I don’t get a straight up, “My head is killing me!”, then the lousy mood in general can be a big tip-off.  (She is a teen, after all).

We get the echocardiogram this morning at 11:30.  I know, I know.  Heart murmurs are extremely common, blah, blah, blah.  Until I get the a-okay from the doctor, I will carry every scenario under the sun in my head.

As an aside, it was one of those nights.  Wes woke me up at 3:00 to tell me that he had a bad stomach thing (I shall withhold the gory details).  After finding the Immodium, telling him to go gargle, and sending him back to bed (he is 19),  I notice a note on the bar that Jessie is sleeping in the guest bedroom because she didn’t have sheets on her bed.  Then I go back to my bedroom and close the door, crawl back into bed, begin to drift back into dreamland only to hear Oreo, our cat meowing to get out of my bedroom.  She’d slipped in while I was up.  I get up, toss her out the door and go back to bed.  Sleep comes.  Then the alarm goes off!  AGHHH.  Oh well, things could be worse, couldn’t they?


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