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A New Day, A New Doctor

We went to see the new PCP today and really liked her, thank goodness!  She said the magical words Jessie’s been hoping for all year; she’s hoped for these words even more than the possibility of hearing, “I don’t think you have Chronic Fatigue.”  The new doctor said, “I’m going to send you to the gastroenterologist to do a recheck on this Celiac thing.  It may be a good idea to have another endoscopy.”  Yep, the girl is holding out hope that she can eat wheat.  Of course, I quickly added that she needs to be prepared to hear that she does indeed have this disease.  

In all honesty, we are a little confused as to what, exactly, she’s having trouble with.  Jessie ate Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets last year and didn’t have a reaction.  She continues to eat the prized nuggets regularly without side effects.  In every other aspect of her life, she is gluten-free.  Yet she has a reaction when she eats cross-contaminated rice.  I guess a second check would be interesting.  

The doctors are certainly making their money off of us this week.  We go back to the cardiologist tomorrow for a recheck. He’ll have to get the sad news that his experiment failed and Jessie is back on all of the medication.  

I know I’ve said this before, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could just kidnap all of your doctors and put them in a room together?  Then they would discuss their various “theories” and ultimately reach the perfect solution or cure.  That’s just not real life, is it?  I guess I’m dreaming again.  Shame on me.

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Yesterday began on a good note.  Jessie did get her braces off and her little (expensive) teeth are just beautiful.  Then, I hate to say it, but the day kind of went south from there.  

First of all, on the way back from the dermatologist, Jessie said her head was getting worse.  

Without going into too much detail, upon returning home, I had to get on the phone with Fed Ex over a delivery “mishap” on their part that is completely unbelieveable.  Let’s just say that there is an expensive bike part which has now made it across the country five, yes five, times – completely due to errors on their part.  They apologize profusely, then say there’s nothing that they can do but try to grab the box off the truck at the next stop which is in 5 business days.  This, I can assure you from past experience, will NOT happen.  Sheesh.

Next, I hear from the school that they have not received the form from Jessie’s doctor here in Georgia concerning her homebound status.  I call the doctors office, actually speak to the nurse and she reports that the doctor (note: this is a new doctor as we just moved to Georgia) received the letter from the other doctor in North Carolina stating that Jessie has been diagnosed with Neurally Mediated Hypotension as the result of a positive tilt table test and Clinical Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Our Georgia doctor told us that from that letter, she has insufficient proof of the diagnosis.  What led the NC doctor to diagnosis her with CFS?  I responded that Jessica was diagnosed over three years ago in Virginia and that she has the record in her file of a positive diagnosis from her Virginia doctor as well as a second confirmation from a rheumatologist at Duke University.  Nope, sorry, not good enough.  

So, I call the doctor in North Carolina.  Proceed to fax a release for Jessie’s blood tests, etc.  Then I cross my fingers, pray, and throw salt over my shoulders that the proof which will be sent to our fabulous Georgia doctor will be sufficient so that the homebound form will be signed and faxed to the school.

If she doesn’t approve the status we have two choices.  Jessie would have to return to school, which we know really isn’t possible at the present moment.  Or her dad and I will have to pull her out, which isn’t that big of a deal except for the fact that I will have to figure out a way for her to get the other semester’s credit through a correspondence school. 

In Virginia we had a fabulous doctor and a terrible school.  In Georgia we have a fabulous school and a terrible doctor.  Does God just want to keep things interesting or what?

NOW I can have lunch.

*On a happy note, I was able to hide away in my studio later and finish a necklace that I was working on. Meditation in any form; it’s a good thing.

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A Very Important Day

Why is it an important day?  I’ll tell you.  Jessie gets her braces off today, YEAH!  Now I may be entirely wrong, but even with the possibility of a headache, muscle-aches, etc., a girl’s gotta feel good about getting the “bane of her existence for the past 2+ years” removed from her mouth!  Our appointment is at 10:20. I shall take pictures to commemorate the event.  

For an update: 

We didn’t see the tutor yesterday because Jes never felt any better.  It was a crappy day in general.  The frustrating thing right now is that nothing is really being done to alleviate the headaches.  I guess hypotension takes precedence?  

I hate all of this WAITING.  We have to wait to see the doctor in North Carolina; then wait to see the cardiologist.  Then we wait to hear results of tests.  We wait to see what happens when they start her out on the lowest dose of a medicine that may not even work once we’ve waited to see if the higher dose works.  We wait to see if the next new medication works.  Then, this is a biggee, we call the doctor and have to WAIT all day by the phone to get a reply so that they can tell us to WAIT.  Why can’t it be like strep or some simple infection?  Why can’t they just figure out what’s going on and give her something to make her feel normal again so that she can get on with her life?  Oh yeah, they’re not God.  Okay, breathe.  I’ve had my rant for this morning.  Three steps forward, two steps back, but we are moving forward, right? 

I’m also still in the midst of getting doctor’s letters coordinated and to the school so that Jessie’s status can be changed to full-time homebound.  Why can’t doctors just drop everything when you call and write the freaking letter and fax it to the freaking school already?  Oh yeah, right,  they’re not God. 

Today is going to be a good day.  I can feel it.


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