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What Do You Get When You Combine Three DVDs and an Oscar?


Chick Flicks

Chick Flicks

You get the ultimate combo that makes a teenage girl’s heart go pitter-patter.  Well, one of the things anyway.  Jessie’s friend, Tommie, dropped by yesterday with three DVDs.  The DVDs added in with the Oscars on Sunday night guarantee a weekend of dreamy chick television.  I will probably participate in the Oscar part and Thoroughly Modern Millie.  The others go right over my head.

We’re on a bit of a level plain now with symptoms.  The headaches are ever present.  Jessie continues to feel puny in general.  I know this because she baked gluten-free chocolate chip cookies last night – always a positive sign that my daughter is feeling puny.  Well that or actually saying that she feels bad, which she doesn’t do very often.  Actions speak louder and all that.  *Hopefully the recipe will follow when Jes wakes up and I get it out of her.  Check back later.

You know how you turn to certain things or activities when you don’t feel well?  For Jessie it’s baking.  Granted it will probably take 2 – 3 hours to bake one 30 minute recipe of cookies, but she receives tremendous comfort in baking.  When you have chronic fatigue, you are up working for maybe 15 minutes, then you sit for 15 minutes, then up for 15 and so on until the task is completed.

Anyway, I believe that the movies, the Oscars, chocolate chip cookies and maybe a little microwave popcorn is just what the doctor has ordered for the next couple of days.

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