Playing Chronic Illness Roulette (OR) Welcome Back to School…


I’m going to begin with, “Isn’t summer delicious?”  No stress, no alarms, no bed times, no parents standing over you screaming at the top of their lungs telling you to get ready for school.  The deliciousness of summer ended for us two weeks ago.  Yes, I’ll admit that, as a parent, I was ready to get the monsters kids out of the house.  However, as the end approached I felt an even stronger, familiar ache in the old tummy.

I knew immediately that this deep ache was my all-time, “A” number one enemy, inspiration of all things therapeutic, of all things yoga, and quite frankly, the evening glass(es) of wine.  Yes, it was (pause for effect) parent of a chronically ill child anxiety.

Now if you’re out there, currently perusing this post, you know who you are.  No need to fool yourself.  In fact, sometimes it’s better to go ahead and lay it all out in front of God and anybody else who cares to listen rather than bottling those feelings up deep inside.

Having said that, consider yourself forewarned that the summer has indeed ended and, while I may appear incredibly elated calm on the outside, inside I am a quivering ball of nervous mush.

The anti-christ Jessie has been in school for two weeks now and until today has done splendidly.  She has been very tired in the evenings, but has been great about resting.  This weekend, her boyfriend, Satan himself Nathan, came for a visit.  I have to say that it was an enormously stressful terrific weekend.  Jes, Nathan, Wes and friends did lots of fun things, interspersed with tons of rest.  I think she’s had a bit of a flare (CFS term meaning tiny relapse) but it’s probably minor and short-lived.  I confess that the timing probably wasn’t the best for a visit and the blame falls entirely on the stupid kids for planning this me.

Oh well.



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5 responses to “Playing Chronic Illness Roulette (OR) Welcome Back to School…

  1. Carolyn

    Ha ha! I really enjoyed your article, honey. Especially the way you showed your “conflicted emotions.” Nothing quite so satisfactory as letting all the feelings out. Talk with you soon. Mom

  2. Very funny!!! My wife is a teacher. School starts back up here in a couple weeks. I’m just waiting for the mood to change around here as the summer ends.

  3. Sue

    ha ha ha – great post, Lori!

    We have one more week of stressless summer freedom here – but it’s shaping up to be a very busy week. Nothing is planned past Friday, though, to allow the boys ample time for recovery before Monday morning. Jamie doesn’t start until next Wednesday, so that’s good.

    I’m totally with you – looking forward to the return of my workday routine (and a little quiet time!), but anxious, as always, about the return of school stresses and worries. One day at a time…


  4. Sue

    P.S. Glad to hear Jess is holding up so well so far! Whatever happened with the battle over taking higher level courses?

  5. Sue

    I’m so sorry to hear about your school battles, Lori. As you know, we’ve been through that ourselves – the very same thing in fact. Jamie is still behind his peers in the level of math course he can take (despite being a straight A student), all because his 6th grade math teacher wouldn’t put him in the highest level course where he belonged. She told us he could go to summer school in order to move up! That’s a good one, huh? A kid with CFS in summer school taking a 3-hour class every day when he could only handle an hour at a time (then). It still makes us mad 4 years later!! You did the right thing with your letter. The D word usually does the trick. Sorry it didn’t work for all of her classes.

    One more week, and then it’s back to all this stuff – 504 meetings, explaining CFS to new teachers, etc.


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