Tales of a Celiac Cheater…


Okay, so we’ve glutted ourselves on gluten, massive amounts of gluten, for the past three months.  I am quite sure that the family has collectively gained a minimum of twelve pounds.

Jessie’s endoscopy was this past Thursday.  It went well.  She didn’t feel half as crappy as she did the first time.  In fact, the little twit  did so well that I wasn’t able to gain one ounce of loopy behavior, confession, or seriously embarrassing photos to hold over her head.  THAT’S how well she did.

We all, including the doc, believe that she has celiac, even without visible symptoms.  Stomach Doc said he’d probably call us with the biopsy results tomorrow.  When we whined that we expected the results to take at least another week, he winked and said he’d give us until Tuesday.  🙂

Back to the topic…gluten.  This is just a sampling of what Jessie has done to her tummy recently:  Panera Bread (one baker’s dozen of the cinnamon crunch bagels), pizza, pasta, fried chicken, did I say pizza?… um…oh yes.  LATE last night she made cupcakes.  She’s made cookies and waffles.  If I had more time and more space, I’d list more.  It’s true.  She’s been a partying fool.

Can’t say I blame her.  Would you?



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3 responses to “Tales of a Celiac Cheater…

  1. You gotta live it up while you can!!! I’m sure she’s just making up for lost time by eating all the forbidden treats.

  2. I’m glad she held up well during the endoscopy — amazing, those things are awful! It’s been nice that she’s had this respite for awhile at least. I imagine you’ll both become fantastic gluten-free chefs after this! I look forward to seeing more recipes posted.

  3. Sue

    Glad Jessie’s been able to splurge for awhile. I don’t really know much about celiac or understand how someone can have it but have no symptoms. Does that mean she’ll still be able to eat some gluten or will she have to go back to a super restricted diet?

    And I feel so bad for you with school starting already! That’s just not right…


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