She’s a Celiac!

Official town crier, "I don't heart gluten!  But I LOVE tuna!"

Official town crier, "I don't heart gluten! But I LOVE tuna!"

Where do I begin?

Well, you know (and if you don’t, read up) that the gastroenterologist advised Jessie to try out the whole gluten thing a couple of months ago.  The girl has seriously had a party for herself for the past eight weeks or so, consuming every gluten-laden food in sight, with absolutely no side effects.  As directed by Mr. Doctor, we went to have the labs done earlier this week to see what’s going on.

My opinion?  I told  Jes that it was a formality.  She clearly doesn’t have celiac.  She said she has no side effects but had a nagging feeling.  (Okay at this point you know the ending, but I’ll go on)  Doctor’s office called us this morning to say that her levels were up and it clearly indicated that she does have celiac.  I nearly fell over.

I marched upstairs to deliver the good and bad news to Jessie.  Good news?  Starbucks now has gluten-free cake proudly displayed for all celiacs to enjoy.  Bad news?  She’ll be eating it.

The nurse also said that, while Jessie’s levels were clearly indicative of celiac disease, she wasn’t the worst case scenario. The T3 test showed that her level was 9 while normal is 0-3.  Nurse advised that she had someone in the office yesterday whose level was 175. So, that helped to put things into perspective.  Apparently there are LEVELS to this disease.

We’ll be going in to see the doctor on July 1st and will discuss whether it’s safe to cheat from time to time when you have no symptoms or if she has to refrain from the gluten 100% from here on out.

So there you have it.  I’ve all but abandoned my “Gluten-Free Foods That Don’t Suck” section.  Guess I’ll be chugging along again!

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer.  We certainly are!  The school pressures are gone, THANK GOD!  I’m going to brag a bit, but hey, I am a mother.  Jessie pulled straight A’s.  It’s a good thing.  Now I have to deal with the school this summer and beg for the right classes next year.  In the words of Ms. O’Hara, “I’ll think about that tomorrow.”



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4 responses to “She’s a Celiac!

  1. Well that is a terrible let down after a very hopeful eight weeks. I’m so sorry it didn’t work out better for Jes. It does sound like she may be able to cheat just a little once in awhile, since she tolerated it so well for so long. I’ll keep my eyes out for gluten free recipes and post them on my recipe blog.

  2. Carolyn

    Morning’ Honey. Didn’t think I’d be on when you get on this morning, thus this note. It’s good to be able to read your blog again after about a week without my computer. LOVE this pic of Oreo – and you called it perfectly!!! Town Cryer! However did you get that picture.? Talk with you later. Bad news((but not tooooo bad) about Jes. Tell her I LOVE HER! Mama

  3. Sue

    Hi, Lori –

    I just got back from vacation and am trying to catch up on all the news. I was shocked to read that Jess’ celiac test came back positive! She seemed to be doing so well. I’m interested to hear what the doc says in answer to your questions about effects, dangers, and the lack of obvious symptoms.

    I know just what you mean about the stress-free summer! It’s such a huge relief to just let the boys do what they want without worrying about school absences.

    Glad you’re enjoying your summer –


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