One More Day!

Just one more day, one more exam and summer vacation will officially begin at 12:15 tomorrow.  WooHoo!  Even more good news, Jes was able to finish everything – thanks to a few sleepless nights – and is doing fine. 

We ARE heading out for Virginia and West Virginia tomorrow.  Jeff and I will get to enjoy the Greenbrier Resort this weekend while Wes will visit friends in North Carolina and Jes will be in her beloved Virginia with friends.  Because of a Friday exam, Jes and I will be driving separately which means we get to hang around our old “hometown” until Tuesday instead of rushing back with Jeff on Sunday.  

After our weekend, we’ll head back home to tackle all of the doctors appointments that I rescheduled for the week after school. We go to the neurologist on Wednesday, then the cardiologist and finally the gastroenterologist.  Jessie will be getting the blood tests testing for celiac next week so we’ll get the results from that when we go to the GI doctor.  Jessie still thinks that he will say she has celiac disease even though she hasn’t had any reaction at all.  I think she’s just bracing for bad news, but I honestly don’t see how that can happen.  We’ll see.

Hope everyone’s “end-of-school” weeks are over and you’re enjoying your summer vacation.



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2 responses to “One More Day!

  1. Sue

    Hurray!! Congratulations to Jessie for making it to the end – sounds as though she held up remarkably well. I’m so glad to hear that.

    Your kick-off for summer vacation sounds wonderful! What a nice, relaxing way to start the summer.

    Jamie has one more full day of school tomorrow, then 4 final exams next week (hopefully spread out). Craig has two more weeks of school, plus a few days (those last few days are such a waste!), then we’ll be heading out ourselves, on our annual 3-week road trip to visit Ken’s parents in Oklahoma and visit lots of places on the way.

    Enjoy your summer kick-off!


  2. misswaxie

    Congrats on making it to the end!!

    I hope you guys have a great vacation, and good luck with those appointment’s Jesse – you’ll make it through ’em!

    – Miss Waxie

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