Six Days And Counting!

We’re down to six days!  Whoohoo!  I say “we” loosely, of course as I am only the first-hand witness to the madness. 

If all goes REALLY well, Jes will be finished with Algebra 2 and Spanish 2 by this Friday.  Then I think she just has a final exam in Biology and a project.  Maybe some other stuff for next week, but I try not to stick my head within two feet of the general work area or ask too many questions.  Otherwise, danger will immediately ensue.  

Jessie’s actually doing pretty well, not too scary and continues to be confident.  She is sleeping okay, but waking up tired.  I honestly don’t see how someone can do this for too long on lousy sleep.  I think the only thing that’s getting to her is that she has been too busy to walk, do pilates, or go anywhere but school and home.  Yeah, that would get to me too.  Perfect definition of “stir crazy.”  Oh, she DID get to watch American Idol last night.



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2 responses to “Six Days And Counting!

  1. My wife is a teacher and I know she is just as ready for school to be over. I’m glad to hear things are going OK. Do you have any big summer plans?

  2. misswaxie


    I just found this site while looking for other young people writing about their chronic illness and I was so surprised – yet obviously saddened – to hear about your daughter’s illness, and how similar her story of illness in teen years mirrored mine.

    Now 23, I have amassed my fair share of multiple diseases and diagnosises (including celiac and orthostatic hypotension among others), but have also graduated from NYU, had jobs I’ve loved, and generally enjoyed life. (So take heart, Jesse, it really does get better, even if you’re still sick!)

    I write a comic about my life with chronic illness and I thought you might want to check it out, for a laugh, or for a sense of not feeling so alone with being young and chronically ill. (I also have a website about my gluten-free baking that you can find the about me of my comic, too).

    You can find the comic at:

    I hope you’re feeling well today, and good luck! I’ll definetily be coming back to check in on you all!!

    – Miss Waxie

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