Happy Busy Cheerful Monday Morning To You

How’s that for a greeting?  This week is beginning on a busy note.
Then again, doesn’t it always?

Why the picture of Gossip Girl?  Read on, Dearie…

We are down to our final two weeks of school.  Jessie went in this morning for a biology end-of-grade test, which she happily reports was easy.  This afternoon she will be going in for a lit test on “The Kite Runner”, reportedly, the most depressing book she’s ever read.  Then she will be taking another test for one of her online classes.
I must say that so far she’s holding up far better than Mom, who woke up at 1:00 in a panic that Jes was awake and still studying.  The only one awake at 1:00 was Mom.

This week’s dilemma:  What to do when you’re so busy you can’t watch your favorite shows?  (Gossip Girl season FINALE – we’re talking about Jessie here, American Idol FINALE? Oh PULEEZE let it be Chris!)  Mom’s always creatively correct solution is to DVR them all and look forward to watching them in two weeks.  This was met with a shocked, “Are you crazy?!?!?”  Hmm…



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2 responses to “Happy Busy Cheerful Monday Morning To You

  1. Sue

    Things are ramping up here, too. Jamie has a project to finish tonight (that he only started yesterday) and a band final to practice for. He’s almost caught up on make-up work, but he put off more current assignments (like tonight’s project) to finish old stuff, so he’s still behind.

    And for Craig, it’s a never-ending schedule of school events – field trip to D.C., field day, school picnic, 5th grade graduation, etc.

    All of our favorite season finales were on in the past 2 weeks (Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, Private Practice, House), and we taped most of them to watch later! (yes. I said tape. we’re behind the times). It’s sort of pathetic when you can’t stay up past 10 pm, but it is what it is.

    Good luck to Jessie!


    • Living Chronically

      Hey Sue, don’t feel bad! I’m in bed (hubby too) by 9:00! Admittedly I read, but that lasts all of, what, 10 minutes?

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