This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but I must confess that Jessie’s words yesterday were actually mine.  Shocker, huh?  

I did show the post to her for approval and do you want to know what kind of response I received?  As she proceeded to read, I heard a few chuckles, then an outright laugh at the “idiots” part.   Apparently, it’s okay to call both parents and brother idiots.  Yes, she does text under the table. I got only one objection, “I do NOT text that much!”

In response, I’ll admit one more thing.  As she stated this, she had a little knowing grin on her face.  Oh yeah, mom nailed it.


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One response to “Confession

  1. Sue

    Very funny, Lori!

    I feel sorry for Jessie’s current “crunch time” situation, but your summary was pretty amusing! It’s good to be able to laugh during stressful times.

    My kids don’t actually have cell phones yet – I know, I know, we’re the worst parents in the world. Jamie only showed an interest in having one recently, so he’ll probably get one for his 15th birthday this summer. Craig, on the other hand, has been begging for one since he was 8 and swears that every other child in his 5th grade class has one.

    They have 3 weeks of school left (just 2 plus exams for Jamie), but things are a little better here. For make-up work from his long absences a few weeks ago, Jamie just has 2 projects and 1 test left to make-up. He says he’ll finish the projects today (we’ll see – so far he’s played computer games and watched cartoons!)

    Thanks for the giggle! Hope your weekend is going well.


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