Busy Week

I’ve lost track of the days and am too lazy to figure out when Jessie began eating gluten.  At any rate, she has yet to see a reaction, which is wonderful.  I think we have the lab work done next week.  If it’s negative for Celiac, then they are probably going to do another endoscopy to make sure everything is okay.  You can get false negatives with the blood work and the final result will be when they have a peek at her intestine to see if there is any damage.

I am HOPING that the sleep pattern gets a little better and holds out until the end of May because the school crunch as begun. Jessie felt pretty bad yesterday, but went to school in the afternoon to take two tests.  It will be like that every day from here on out. Great way to work on that stress level, huh?

Today I (we) have Jessie’s 504 meeting at school which should be interesting since she’s had such a bad semester.  I still haven’t dealt with the recommendation of regular-level classes for the fall.  I was always under the impression that the teachers make their recommendations, but the parents can overrule.  It’s been told to me that they need to see Jessie in school full-time in the fall to allow her into the honors classes. (mostly “A’s” a a couple of “B’s”.  nothing ever lower, even on homebound) According to my research, we’re getting dangerously close to discrimination and I don’t want to have to result to threats.  I would be okay going along with their suggestions, except for the fact that classes are many times full at the beginning of a semester, meaning she wouldn’t be able to get in.  Today’s 504 meeting won’t cover that topic.  It will cover any accommodations that will be needed for school. 

My car goes to the shop this morning and I’ll drive a rental for a couple of weeks.  It’s a relief because I’m beginning to hear strange noises when I drive.

I may be taking a “roadtrip” with Jeff on Wednesday and Thursday, but I’m still on the fence.  He has a meeting in Charlotte Wednesday afternoon, then will head to Roanoke, VA for the night with meetings on Thursday.  Then he’ll drive back to Georgia (7 hours) on Thursday afternoon, putting us back at around 9:00.  The kids are urging me to go.  I have to admit, it would be nice to see my buddies in Roanoke for a few hours on Thursday.  Plus the location of his meeting in Charlotte is across the street from a great mall.  I think I could “suffer” through a few forced hours in Southpark!  Finally, he’ll be staying at Hotel Roanoke, which is a neat hotel in downtown Roanoke.  Hmm.  My only concern is the kids.  Jessie has to stay on track, which she assures me she’ll do.  I can picture them now eating candy bars, popcorn and soda for dinner on Wednesday night.  Sheesh.  It’s tempting, all the same. 

Have a good day.



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3 responses to “Busy Week

  1. I know you’ll do the right thing for Jessie regarding her schooling. A mom just seems to know what is right for her child. Follow that instinct, and you can’t go wrong!

    I’m with the kids — go! You would not believe how rejuvenating it is to get away for a short period of time. Just breaking out of the routine is exhilarating. And to do grown-up things without having the worries of parenthood for a couple of moments? Heaven! And above all else, you deserve it!

  2. Sue

    Jamie’s going through the same thing with school right now – struggling to catch up on older,missed work, plus the crush of end-of-year work.

    As for the Honors classes next year, you were right in the first place – parents do have rights. Once you decide what you believe is right for Jessie, then you may have to fight for it. It’s an awful experience sometimes, but once you use the D word (discrimination) and get the right people behind you (like a district 504 coordinator), you can often manage to get what you believe is right for your child. It’s just such a shame that it sometimes comes down to a battle. Whatever you decide, just know that there are other people out here who have been through the same things and will support you 100%!!


  3. Sue

    P.S. Definitely go on the trip! You deserve a break and some time just for you, free of worries!!

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