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Day 15 – Sleep Studies, Medication, and New Cars

Day 15 of all-out gluten consumption.  Jessie has not had a reaction yet.  When she was first diagnosed, her symptoms were daily vomiting (multiple times) and stomach cramps.  I am surprised that nothing has happened.  We will go for more testing in a couple of weeks.

The sleep study was just loads of fun.  Jessie was excited to try something new.  So far, this ranks pretty high on the list of interesting experiences for her – along with drinking the chalky liquid and watching it go through her body when she had the upper GI test.  Anyway, we got there at 9:00 p.m. Sunday night and it took a little over an hour to attach the wires.  She had six sprouting from different areas on her skull, two next to her eyes, one under her chin and one under her mouth.  She also had the oxygen thingie hooked up to her nose to see if her breathing stopped.  Moving down, she had two wires for her heart, two bands around her stomach and chest and finally two wires on each leg.  By the time they were done she looked like the bride of Frankenstein and she was proud of it too!  (We took pictures with her camera phone, but she won’t give them to me. 600+ friends on Facebook can have a look-see, but not dear old mom.)

Before the appointment, the physician told us both that the room is similar to a hotel room with two comfortable beds and a full bath.  I thought, “Cool!  A night out!”  Boy, was I naive.  Jessie had the cool bed and I had a small faux leather (slippery) futon in the corner.  We got to sleep around 11:15 and the nurse had to come in twice during the night to adjust the oxygen indicator thing because Jessie kept brushing it away from her nose.  The nurse woke us both promptly at 6:00 a.m.  Needless to say, it wasn’t exactly a night at the Ritz, or Motel 6, for that matter.  It was, however, clean and the staff was extremely nice, so I cease my whining at this point.  We will get the results in two weeks.

The “sleep doctor” called me after our initial consultation with an idea.  He advised that sometimes Pamelor can begin to exacerbate the symptoms that are being treated (insomnia) and we could try switching to Wellbutrin.  He called Jessie’s pediatrician on Monday with the suggestion.  I called Dr. Black (Hunter Hopkins Center) to check this out and she gave the okay. AGHH – the idea of playing with medication is scary.  Experience with this proves that it takes a week to see what is going to happen and IF it works a little, then it takes longer to get the dosage right.  At this point, however, I’m happy that we’ve found a good team of doctors who seem to be genuinely interested in getting to the core of the problem.  So, we willingly go along with what they advise.

The one thing that does worry me is that we are fast approaching the last month of school and Jessie has a ton of catching up in front of her.  She can’t afford to be any worse off than she already is.  However, she isn’t sleeping well, so we have to give it a try. Please say a little prayer for her that she makes it through this time without any trouble.

I have a “504” meeting at school this afternoon, but other than that, I will be test-driving a few cars which, oddly enough, isn’t as much fun as it was when I was in my 20’s!  As a mother of two, all I can think about is the stock market and college tuition.  Kind of takes the “zoom zoom and shiny new things” out of the equation.

That’s it!  Have a good day.


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