The Officer Said, “Ma’am, I Think Your Car Is Jinxed.”

First, a brief Jessie Update:  Day 11 and still no sign of a gluten reaction.  The girl continues to have a little gluten party for herself. 

Now for the REAL topic of the day:

Ever feel like something in your life is jinxed?  I’m a religious person and, in general, we aren’t supposed to believe in those sorts of things.  My thoughts, however, are beginning to stray.

I love my little Toyota Rav4.  We purchased it new in 2002, opting for a stick shift because it would be more fun for me.  The car has not let me down.  

Unfortunately, signs of things to come began a couple of years ago when Jeff was involved in an accident on a one-lane dirt road, far into the woods of Virginia.  He damaged my baby!  I forgave him and we quickly had it repaired.  

One year later, Jeff is taking my car to the airport at dusk one morning to catch a flight.  Unfortunately, some deer must have been heading to the airport as well because the two collided.  See Exhibit “A” below:


Exhibit "A", Jeff Meets a Deer

Exhibit "A", Jeff Meets a Deer

Fast forward to this past November.  This is something we rarely discuss at the dinner table or any other time as it’s still a very sensitive subject.  Jessie had just gotten her learners permit and, well, let’s just say that she had a little trouble shifting and steering at the same time.  See exhibit “B” below:


Exhibit "B", Jessie Notices the Garage a Bit Too Late

Exhibit "B", Jessie Notices the Garage a Bit Too Late

I was in the passenger seat when Exhibit “B” occurred.  It happened in slow motion, literally, and a stream of words poured from my mouth that I didn’t even knew existed.  

Reasoning: We mulled over the situation and decided that since we have two teenagers, one being a 19 year old male, we would pay out-of-pocket for the repairs.  No need to make our insurance go sky high.  We also made the decision that, as smart as Jessie is, she really isn’t cut out for the multi-tasking role of keeping the car on the road and not hitting anything.  “Why repair the car now?” we ask,  “She’ll probably hit something else before she gets the hang of it anyway.”  (This is heartless, but true) By the way, Jeff has a company car that the kids aren’t allowed to drive – smart move on the company’s part. 

Fast forward to last Friday.  I pick Jessie up from school and head to Target.  We are sitting at the stop light, on the highway exit ramp when suddenly we’re thrown forward.  See exhibit “C” below:


Exhibit "C", The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back

Exhibit "C", The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back

I simply CAN NOT believe this has happened.  My cute little car now has only one good side, excluding the roof.  Anyway, as one officer is writing the report, his partner walks around my car and proceeds to say, “Ma’am, I think your car is jinxed.”  I laugh and he looks at me, dead serious, and says, “I’m not kidding.  That stuff happens, ya know.”


My Poor Little Baby

My Poor Little Baby



Last Saturday Jeff and I spent the day car shopping.  What about Jessie?  She will be seen driving the oldest, cheapest, most beat up Volvo wagon that we can find.



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5 responses to “The Officer Said, “Ma’am, I Think Your Car Is Jinxed.”

  1. Funny, (and sad) article. I can totally relate. I have 2 teenage daughters. The oldest is 19 and we made the mistake of giving her a low rider. She hit every pothole with that thing. Many tires and wheel alignments later, she has a different car now. My youngest is about to get her driver’s permit. Lord help us!

  2. What a great story! When I was a teenager, we had a very beaten up old van that we used as a guinea pig for new drivers. It bore many a mark of the unskilled! Lesson learned — my daughter does not EVER get to use my lovely Toyota Sienna.

    Happy to hear about the gluten fest!

  3. Sue

    I can relate, Lori! I have a 92 VW cabriolet convertible (also a stick shift) that I LOVE, but it’s been in the shop more than at home lately! It’s had more than its share of crunches, too.

    Jamie’s only 14 1/2, so we haven’t had to deal with teen drivers yet – scary!


  4. Perrey

    I came here because I Google “Can a car be jinxed” and low and below I landed on your blog.

    I’m the same way as you., I don’t believe in such things but after so much bad luck with my 2007 Escalade I’m beginning to think cars can be jinxed by the negative thoughts of others.

    I have been thru some of the same “steps” as you with your RAV-4., The first thing was some idiot at the dealership didn’t know how to close the hood and put a huge dent on it. Then 6-months after, the bumper was the next thing I got damage with my garage door that mysteriously close before I got the whole SUV in going backwards.

    6-months after that Then the rear tailgate handle, again with the same garage door and a similar scenario.

    Calamity #3 (or 4?) happen the day of my birthday someone crushed the lower-side-bumper and right front side panel on a parking lot exiting their space and didn’t bother to leave a note.

    And the most recent was this past Mother’s Day when An old lady took over my lane with her hybrid POS even after honking multiple times the crash was inevitable she T-boned my baby.

    This time the damage was more serious than “B-day sparkling surprise”, the inpact destroyed the outer door shell of the driver-side passanger door destroying the door handle, trims and running board.

    I’m knocking on wood that the next “steps” I’m not rear-ended. Because That will the end of it. I don’t know how to explain it. A calamity every 6-months? can it be a coincidence? I don’t think so.

    • Living Chronically

      OUCH! And I was feeling bad! If it’s any consolation, I’ve had my baby repaired and she’s as good as new (got her back yesterday.) She HAS been demoted to teenager car, but I can’t bear to part with her. Of course, unlike yours, mine is a ’03 model, not worth as much as an ’07 Escalade. I can’t see yours being demoted at this point. Best of luck to you!

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