Day 8 – No Reaction

If you look for a reaction similar to what Jessie had experienced last year, then she hasn’t had any since beginning to consume gluten products eight days ago.  She says that her stomach has gurgled a couple of times, but then again, so has mine.  So that’s no indication.

Believe it or not, both doctors, Jessie’s pediatrician and the auto-immune specialist from North Carolina, spoke yesterday afternoon. It was definitely a first for us so it gave us a little charge.  Jessie was prescribed something to help her sleep for a very short term (10 days worth, if needed) and now we are being sent to a sleep center.  Our appointment for a consultation is tomorrow morning.  Jessie was really happy about this one (insert sarcastic tone.)  Sheesh, this will make five doctors.

My attitude is a little on the low side these days.  It could be Jessie, or it could be that I’ve had drywall guys and painters (who don’t speak english) in my house every day since Monday.  Today, they will leave behind a layer of drywall dust.  Or it could be that someone rear-ended my car on Friday.  Now my car has three bad sides.  Sheesh again.  I need to remind myself of blessings, of which there are many.


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4 responses to “Day 8 – No Reaction

  1. It sounds like Jessie is making some progress — and it is certainly good news that she hasn’t had any reactions to gluten!

    Our moods are usually trying to tell us something important. When was the last time that you took a break and did something for yourself? You are a great wife, mother, and caregiver, but are you forgetting about yourself? I am a HUGE believer in refueling. Cut yourself some slack and go do something fun!

  2. Carolyn

    G’morning, Honey! Even tho I already knew everything from our telephone conversations, I am moved to second Shelli’s suggestion. I know how much you give to your family, but take a little time off for Lori. Or maybe Lori and Jeff. A date night would be nice for the both of you every now and then. Then you could go to a “day spa” just for yourself. (fat chance) Love you, Mom

  3. Sue

    Hi, Lori –

    I’ve been sort of out of touch with the blogging world lately, so I just caught up on your posts.

    How exciting that Jessie may not have celiac!! I can only imagine her joy at devouring gluten these past 8 days. I hope it continues!

    As for the sleep dysfunction, the sleep study might help (though a friend of mine that went said they mainly focus on identifiable sleep disorders, like apnea or restless leg syndrome). In any case, finding the right medication (or combination of meds) to treat CFS sleep dysfunction is very much a trial and error thing, since different meds work for different people.

    She might need a higher dose of nortriptyline (I know she mainly takes it for pain – does she take it before bedtime?) Jamie and I take liquid nortriptyline so we can adjust the dose. For me, nortriptyline isn’t enough. I also take 100 mg of trazodone (in a similar class of meds). When trazodone alone wasn’t working for me anymore (after about a year), Dr. Bell suggested adding something different rather than continuing to increase the dose. The combination has now worked well for me for several years. We’ve had to increase Jamie’s dose of nortr. slightly as he’s grown (with the liquid, you can increase mg by mg). he now takes about 40 mg.

    Maybe the sleep study will provide some info to guide you on what other med might work for her. Did I send you the two articles I have on treating CFS sleep dysfunction? If not, e-mail me.

    Glad to hear of the good news!


  4. Hi Lori,

    I’ve also been out of touch with the blogging world lately, so I’m catching up. That’s wonderful that Jessie’s been able to eat gluten without a reaction! Good news! It sounds like you’re making steps toward finding answers and making progress.

    As the others said, you should take some time for yourself, or a date! I think there’s a couple of good movies on. But, being in your situation also, I know it’s hard.

    I’ll be interested to hear what the sleep study tells you.
    Take care,

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