Day 2 – The Gluten Frenzy

We’ve made it to day two of our experiment. Yesterday, Jessie stuck with only the bottom half of a bagel with no side effects.  She said that she had a little stomach gurgling last night, but that’s it.  Today, she’s becoming quite bold.  She ate the TOP half of the Panera bagel for breakfast and is currently having a couple of small pieces of a Totinos cheese pizza for lunch.  I may have to draw the line here on gluten for today as the prospects do frighten me a bit.  She’s like a vampire who catches the scent of blood (can you tell I’m reading Twilight?)  Once Jessie gets her first taste of real bread, she becomes crazed. 

I’m curious about how long your system can possibly delay a response.  Google has told me nothing on the topic.  I know that you can feel side effects almost immediately, but can there be a delay?  Hmm…the question of the day.  I guess we could find out, huh?

Updates to follow.  Stay tuned, if you dare.



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4 responses to “Day 2 – The Gluten Frenzy

  1. I use to get a lot of headaches…turns out it was chocolate..not all chocolate, but some chocolate. The odd thing was…the headache came 3 days after I ate it. Real or coincidence? It was real to me!

    • Living Chronically

      Oh Kathy, I would thank my lucky stars it’s not ALL chocolate! Yeah, I’m really hoping it doesn’t happen like that.

  2. My wife usually has an immediate reaction to gluten. Hopefully Jessie doesn’t have Celiac. Good Luck.

    • Living Chronically

      That’s what I thought usually happened. I’ve posted the question on to see if I can get some info. Either way, I guess we’ll know for sure soon enough.

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