The Pity Party Is Officially Over

Me - Last Week...

Me - Last Week...


The pity party has ended.  Isn’t it amazing how you deal with life’s difficulties pretty darned well  and then some seemingly little thing slams into the side of your head without warning and sends you into a tailspin?  Yep, it’s the basic straw that broke the camel’s back.  Well anyway, it’s over and gone.  Silliness has returned to our household.  Life does, in fact, go on.  Blah blah blah.

The week has started out on a higher note.  Jessie was going to try to go to school yesterday, but things just didn’t work out. Today was better.  Dental appointment at 9:30 (NO CAVITIES after 2+ years of braces!) and then she went to two classes. Yes you heard it right here, two classes in one day.   

It’s a bad sign when you go to your Lit class only to realize that you’ve gone to the right class at the wrong time.  Yep, it happened.  But Jessie laughed it off.  She did report that she was in trouble for talking within the first five minutes of being in Biology (once she found the class.)  Ahh, you can be sick and still manage to irritate your teachers.


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3 responses to “The Pity Party Is Officially Over

  1. Sounds like a difficult stretch, but things are looking up…somehow they always do. Keep smiling and keep laughing!

  2. Sometimes I think our emotional psyche is like muscle tissue. It gets overworked, which causes little tears. It then requires rest to heal — but then it is stronger than before. I remind myself of that when I can’t hold on to the sunny disposition any longer. I let go, feel the hurt, let myself heal, and then emerge stronger and more optimistic.

  3. Sue

    So glad to hear Jess got to 2 classes! And how wonderful to get scolded for talking in class – what a perfectly NORMAL thing for a kid in high school! Glad things are looking up.


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