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What’s With the Gluten-Free Metallic Taste?



What is with this metallic taste?

Please tell me.  If you happen to be an experienced gluten-free baker, please tell me why are our baked items coming up metallic?  You can almost see a silvery sheen in the light!

Jessie has tried several batches of cornbread which turned out metallic.  We threw out the flour and started again.  It only happens with gluten-free recipes.  It’s not the oven or the baking dish.  The same thing happened when she tried baking brownies.  

I am beginning to wonder if xanthan gum may be a common denominator. However, what do we use as a substitute?  We are calling out into the worldwide web searching for a solution to our dilemma?  Any thoughts out there in gluten-free internet land?


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She Went to School!

Okay, Jessie went for one class today, but it was a real achievement in our neck of the woods.  I don’t even remember the last time she was able to make it in for a class.  

After adding back all of her medicine last Thursday, it finally began to kick in a little on Sunday. Unfortunately, Jessie picked up her dad’s cold.  Time out for common cold cursing.  We have an appointment with the new primary care physician tomorrow, so if there is infection in the vicinity, antibiotics will be had.  I have to add that just the thought that a multitude of supplements isn’t enough to prevent illnesses in any form is beyond me.

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