Sluggish and Achy

Yesterday was not that great.  Jessie ended up working with the tutor at home in the afternoon taking only one test instead of the two that were planned.  Afterwards we walked to the tennis courts for about 15 minutes.  In the end, I went back to the house and got the car to come pick up Jessie.  She started feeling weak and had the flashy lights feel.  

This morning she reported that she slept terribly.  She said that it felt like she slept on a board all night.  Jessie is achy and tired today.  However, she needs to try to make it into school today for at least one class.  

Seems to me that she’s beginning to see what happens if she goes off of the original medication.  I don’t think either of us regret this action at all.  It will be good to see where she stands and what needs to be done.

We’ll see how it goes.



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3 responses to “Sluggish and Achy

  1. Living Chronically

    Quick update:

    No tutor today. Jessie has moved to my bed because it feels like a cloud to her and hers feels like a board. Hmm.

    Tomorrow is a new day and we shall hope that a good night’s sleep will make things better.

  2. The only way to know how you will off of a drug is to be off of the drug. It’s okay…it’s how you figure out what you need and what you don’t. Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

    • Living Chronically

      Thanks, Kathy. Jessie, her dad and I agree totally that this is the only way to move ahead. It’s tough and Jessie is a trooper. I’m hoping she will wake up feeling a little better. She took a couple of Tylenol PMs last night, so maybe that helped a little.

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