It’s Friday!

We’re about to begin our third day of taking only Florinef.  I’m sure that any regrets we may have for ditching the old meds will hit us sometime this weekend.  Hopefully there will be no regrets, only happiness.  Remember, we doubled the Florinef on Wednesday and did away with her other medication.  

Jessie was lying on her bed reading for hours yesterday trying to finish a book for her english class.  She got dizzy twice when she got up (dizzy meaning dizzy with black and light flashes).  She said it passed and surmised that it was because she’d been lying down for so long in one spot.  Considering that she had one of those “study all day” days and got through it without a killer headache, I take it as a good sign.  It will be interesting to see how she slept last night.  I’ll be holding my breath throughout the upcoming week, waiting for the ball to drop – and I thought I was a “glass is half-full” kind of person.  (Truly I am; this is just a fluke)

Wes is going up to North Carolina this weekend to deliver Jeff’s old dirt bike to the guy who bought it.  He will be staying with friends.  Another sign that she’s feeling a bit better is that Jessie literally pitched a fit last night because she wanted to go so badly.  Normally she would not be up for a road trip.  Of course, we had to say no because she’s been sick and we just changed her medication drastically.  I hate pulling the “mean parent” routine.  It’s gotta be done from time to time, but it really sucks.  First of all nothing would make me happier than to make my kids happy.  Second, nothing would please me more than to send both of my kids AWAY for a weekend.  “Mean parent” surfaced, so I’m sure to be given the “treatment” all weekend long.  Fun Fun

Jeff had to fly to Chicago for what will probably be a one-hour meeting today.  He’ll be back tonight.  Usually a conference call is all it takes, but every once in awhile he has to make a ridiculous trek for a one-hour meeting.  I sent him with a book I’d just started, “Three Cups of Tea”.  I think he’ll like it.  

Okay let the day begin.  Here’s wishing you a wonderful, peaceful Friday.



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3 responses to “It’s Friday!

  1. I’m thinking about you guys…hopefully it will be a wonderful and uneventful weekend. Chicago’s weather is awesome today!!

  2. Your post sounds so hopeful! How wonderful that you have such a good doctor; those are hard to come by, I believe. I hope the new course of action is very helpful for Jessie.

    I just finished Three Cups of Tea for my book club! I really like what Greg is trying to do, and I thought it would be a charity I’d be interested in supporting. I thought the book was flawed, but worth it for the stories about the small villages in Pakistan. I’d be interested to know what you think when you’re finished!

  3. Sue

    Ah, yes, saying no to kids with CFS is so hard. You just want so much to let them do anything they want, to make up for all the suffering….but of course, if we did that, there’d be more suffering.

    My boys are getting better at understanding how to pace themselves (well, Jamie is anyway; Craig’s still only 11).

    I LOVED Three Cups of Tea! What an amazing book and an amazing person. Very inspirational.

    Hope you have a good weekend – maybe you and Jessie can do something fun (but not tiring) together to make up for missing the road trip. I hope she does well this weekend!


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