Add MORE Salt?

For the majority of us, watching our salt intake is something we know that we should do.  In recent years, I’ve added that to my list of things to check out at the grocery store when shopping for the family.  In fact, one day recently, Jessie and I were on the frozen food isle when she pulled out a Hungry Man Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes dinner. (This was one of her favorites when she was really little, dad was out of town, and mom let them pick out a frozen meal for dinner.  Am I the only one guilty of that?)  The girl nearly tackled and whipped me for abusing my children with a frozen dinner which has around 2869 mg of sodium!  Double ouch.

Fast forward to the present and, of all things, Jessie is told to consume more salt.  Aside from the thought of eating a Hungry Man dinner every night (which is truly gross, by the way),  I really had no idea how tough this feat is to accomplish while keeping the remainder of the family on your typical “low-salt” diet.  Right now I’m buying tons of Power Ade and setting the salt shaker at Jessie’s end of the table.  I considered salt tablets which, by the way, are so unpopular that you have to purchase them online, but the cardiologist said no.  As I said in an earlier post, Jeff, my brilliant husband, and Wes suggested heading out to the nearest farm store for a large block of salt to put out back, or maybe beside Jessie’s bed, so that she can lean over and give it a lick every once in awhile.  Needless to say, this didn’t go over very well.

Getting back to the diet, Jessie hates dill pickles and can’t eat most of the other things on the list because they contain gluten.  So our search continues.  I will step off of my soapbox now as it’s time to salt the potatoes, broccoli, and chicken for dinner.

Any suggestions?



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5 responses to “Add MORE Salt?

  1. Isn’t that amazing? Never thought anyone would be told to eat more salt. It’s definitely my enemy. If I go on a salt eating binge, my blood pressure goes right up!

    Glad the family is keeping a sense of humor.

    Keeping you all in my thoughts…

  2. Sue

    This is an on-going problem for us, too. I never thought I’d be checking labels to choose the highest sodium levels! We don’t normally eat many prepared foods anyway.

    You might want to check the label on the Power-ade – the stuff I’ve seen here doesn’t have sodium – only Gatorade products do.

    Canned soups are often high salt (though almost all of the brands are now reducing sodium!) Craig is eating a huge dish of mac & cheese right now as we watch tv! I drink V-8 – huge amounts of sodium – but most kids don’t like it. Craig complains the most about his daily Gatorade, so I tried getting him one of those Noodle Cups, but he didn’t like it.

    I wonder why your doctor didn’t want her to try Thermotabs? They help a lot. The top OI experts highly recommend it. And did he put her on potassium supplements? Florinef can deplete potassium, so Dr. Rowe recommends supplements.

    It’s definitely an on-going challenge! Good luck!


  3. Sue

    Oh, one more thing…Jamie loves munching on pretzels. Look for the brands with the most sodium!


    • Living Chronically

      HI Sue, thanks for the great advise. He didn’t add the potassium, but I’ll check on that. The only problem with all of the prepared foods is that they have gluten. Canned soups, pretzels, etc. have gluten. I’ll have to check out the Gatorade. Hubby works for the competition, if you know what I mean, so I’m required to buy Powerade. Maybe I can get an exemption for medical reasons! lol
      Hope you’re doing well.

      • Sue

        Lori –

        Duh! I knew Jessie couldn’t have gluten but just forgot – sorry! That does make things even more complicated.

        You know, sometimes, if I’m feeling really bad and know I need a big dose of salt, I have actually just drank salt water. Not a lot – just about a half cup of water with some sea salt dissolved in it. It tastes horrible but it works (and a squeeze of lemon or lime helps it go down better).

        Definitely check on the Gatorade thing – I’m pretty sure the other sports drinks don’t have nearly as much sodium (if any at all).

        Good luck!


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