School – Continued

I went to wake Jessie up yesterday morning and she said her head hurt.  By the time I was actually able to get her up, she complained of the body aches, headache, etc.  

I spoke with the school and I think we will try to do Spanish 2 and Algebra 2 through the Georgia Virtual School system (a cool thing) and continue with full-time homebound on all of her other subjects.  If everything goes through as planned, it should help out a great deal.  I have to say that the school has been very accommodating so far.  Working with the school in Virginia was like pulling teeth!

The tutor came yesterday and Jes took a lit test.  She will take an Algebra 2 test on Wednesday and another on Thursday.  The girl can self teach, more or less.  I don’t know where this gene came from.  Clearly not from either of her parents! 

I also called the cardiologist to ask exactly what symptoms would be relieved with the Florinef.  I know, duh.  I either didn’t remember this from the visit last week or he didn’t tell me.  In my defense, Jessie has a multitude of symptoms, so I had no idea.  He said the dizziness.  This is going to be difficult to figure out because I think that she had learned to accommodate without even realizing that her symptoms were there, if that makes any sense.  

We have noticed that the color has returned to her face in the past couple of days.  When I say she is pale, I mean PALE, twilight vampire characters pale.  She’s been like that for over 3 years now and no, she’s not a vampire or even a vampire wanna-be.  So we see a difference there.  My very uneducated way of thinking is that if the Florinef is supposed to help her body retain more salt and liquids to increase blood flow and volume, doesn’t it make sense that she would be less pale?  Oh well.  Is it a fluke or related?  Only time will tell, I guess.

Sorry for the rambling and subject changes.  My mind is working that way these days!  Be glad you’re not in my head as it’s a very scary thing.


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2 responses to “School – Continued

  1. Sue

    Inside my head is pretty scary most days, too!

    That’s so great that you have a school system that is accommodating and willing to work with you. As you know from your own experience, that isn’t always the case!

    I think your thinking about Florinef is right; it should help the paleness. In Jamie’s case, he often looks flushed from OI, with bright red cheeks.

    As for what symptoms the Florinef should help….in our experience (and from what Dr. Rowe and Dr. Bell say from their other patients), Florinef helps with almost ALL CFS symptoms – exhaustion, headaches, flu-like aches, pain, sore throats, etc. Our boys felt much better overall and had much more physical stamina after Florinef. Our younger son now only has symptoms when he crashes (rare), though his CFS has always been milder.

    I hope it works as well for Jessie!


    • Living Chronically

      Oh thank you so much. The heads up on the symptoms helps a great deal.

      I saw what you wrote about Mardi Gras! Looks like you had a good crowd and all had a blast. My husband & I went to New Orleans a couple of times for the Sugar Bowl and once over New Years. I loved it there. We stayed right on Bourbon St. and it was so much fun. I saw things on Bourbon Street that I’ve never seen anywhere else! (blush)
      Luckily I was safely on one of those upper balconies!

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