Delicious Gluten-Free Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies



I got the 411 on Jessie’s chocolate chip cookies.  After tasting one this morning, I will verify that they are WONDERFUL.  I can only imagine just how good they were last night, hot out of the oven.  
They DO NOT taste like your basic gluten-free cookie.

Turns out that she found the recipe on Food Network, Alton Brown.  You can click the link or pull up the easily printable version that I’ve typed up by clicking on my recipe tab.  Jessie tweaked two things with the recipe and I’ve included the original version and her tweak in our recipe.  

Enjoy with a tall, ice-cold glass of milk. YUM.



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4 responses to “Delicious Gluten-Free Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. The cookies look great. My wife was diagnosed with Celiac about ten years ago. Together we have had quite a learning experience trying to live a gluten free life. You may already know about Bette Hagman’s cookbooks for gluten free cooking. They are a great resource for Celiacs. I use a flour blend from her cookbooks that is a very good substitute for all purpose flour in most cases, except for baking regular bread. It is: 6 parts white rice flour, 2 parts potato starch (not potato flour), and 1 part tapioca starch/flour. I bought a big storage tub and keep this mix on hand. Try this blend and follow the Tollhouse Cookie recipe on the back of Nestle chocolate chips, you will not be able to taste the difference between this and regular flour. Good luck. Let me know if I can provide other gluten free ideas for you. I don’t want to be pushy.

  2. auntjayne

    I can’t wait to try these.
    I have a blog with recipes for living gluten free, can I add this one?

    • Living Chronically

      Hi Jayne,
      Thanks for reading and sure, feel free to use the recipe on your blog. She’s got an oatmeal cookie recipe that she makes all the time, but I have to pin her down to get the recipe. Will try to add it soon.

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