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A Decent Start

We had a pretty good start to our week.  The headaches weren’t too bad, so yesterday we went to Harry’s Whole Foods (oh my gosh!) and found the coveted gluten-free oats we’d been searching for since our regular grocer quit stocking it.  We also found a cornucopia of gluten-free foods!  It was pretty tough to contain the excitement, but we left with, of course, the oats, our favorite corn pasta in fun shapes, gluten-free “oreos”, vitamin b2 (YES), and hmmm…I think that’s it.  Then we stopped at American Eagle to pick up a pair of sandals I’d promised Jessie on her 16th birthday in January.  What can I say, I’m slack.  After that, Jessie was pooped, so we went home.  As we say, she used up all of her spoons for the day and needed to rest.  All in all, Monday was a pretty decent day.  

Jessie said that she’s been shaking a bit for the past couple of days.  I’m wondering if it’s because we’ve added the supplements.  I’ll have to call the doctor today if she wakes up with the same complaint.  

The echocardiogram is tomorrow morning.  That one is hanging over me.  I know that heart murmurs are usually nothing, so let’s just keep praying that it’ll be nothing.

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